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About Peter Karmis

Thank you for the interview!

Hello Peter, it is so nice we can share your news to all Greek Golfers and funs! First of all thank you as I know your busy schedule!

” It is always a pleasure to talk to my Greek friends !”

The last 5 years, since July 2018, you decided to play under the Greek Flag. Tell us about it, your roots and your strong connection with Greece!

“I love playing under the Greek flag and representing my roots. Even though I grew up in South Africa, I felt a strong connection to Greece. My only regret is that I did not change my “golf nationality” sooner. My father is from a little village on the Peloponnese, and it felt like I was honouring my father by playing under the Greek flag.”

During the COVID-19 pandemic, lockdowns and quarantine restrictions led to closures of indoor and outdoor sport facilities and thus also affected the access to golf courses. How did you feel during the lockdowns?

“The lockdowns had a profoundly negative effect on my golf performance and I am only now starting to claw myself back into some good form. Before, I was certainly on the up. I had some technical things I wanted to improve on, but after the lockdowns hit, my golf took a serious dive. I also sustained an injury in December 2020 (ruptured Achilles tendon) which also hurt my performance over the past couple years.”

Confidence can be vital to find success during a round of golf. What about now?

“Recently, I have managed to go back to some old mechanics that I was not able to do, due to my injury. And that is the main reason I have started playing better. I have been able to go back to the things that work for me. There are many golf techniques or “patterns” in the golfing world and I have gone back to the pattern where I had the most success. Suddenly I have gotten in the mix a few times and finished second twice in quick succession. I am still in that process of organising my pattern, but I am suddenly less stressed when I play because I am driving it better and I am hitting it closer to the hole.”

The game of golf is every bit of a mental game as it is a physical one, and some books can give you the extra edge in both departments. Many of the best golf books written are timeless. Do you have a favourite one?

“There were some upsides to my slide in ball striking performance. My short game has made some serious improvement. I read a book in 2020 by James Sieckmann and it really helped me organise my short game technique and practice more efficiently. It has saved me during this time where I was struggling off the tee and not hitting it as close to the hole as I was used to.”

Setting incremental goals keeps us focused and makes our biggest golf goals more achievable, by breaking them down into more manageable steps. How do you feel now?

At the moment I feel like I am about to hit a good run of form. My long game is making serious improvements, and my short game is keeping me competitive during this journey. I am very excited to what lies ahead. I have limited opportunities on the world stage at the moment, but the nature of golf is that when you play well, you get rewarded. Playing well leads to better World Golf Ranking, which leads to opportunities on the world stage. That is the beauty of professional golf.

Tell us about your goals in Golf.

My goal is to play at the highest level I can. I dedicate every waking moment in pursuit of this.

Thank you so much Peter for your time. It was such a pleasure talking to you. Keep up the good work. Wishing you success in every step you take.





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